Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vintage Magazine Holder

I am a big collector of magazines. Not all magazines...just like cooking ones and home improvement ones. I dog ear their pages and then they get stacked away safely for me to go back to whenever I need an idea or a recipe. Every once in a while I have to go through and tear out the dog ears just so that I have room for all of them. I have 3 binders full of recipes I have found and collected over the years. Whenever I am wanting something new to make I lug out those heavy binders and scour through the pages. I don't think there has ever been a bad recipe. Except one that my husband didn't like....but he is crazy, because it was good. You know how they say, "Don't judge a book by its cover."? Well, I'm telling you now, that you definitely should judge a recipe by its picture. Its never fails. Those pictures of food that look over food styled? Yeah, that's because its a boring recipe and they are trying to make up for it. Only make what appeals to your eyes and you'll do pretty well, I promise. Anyway. Since I have an abundance of magazines laying around the house, I was really excited when I found this idea from Emilia's New Moon. A vintage crate magazine holder!
So cute and so fitting with our rustic style. All I had to do was find an old antique crate...And a quick trip to a nearby antique store solved that problem. There were actually quite a few to choose from. The crate I found had some VERY old and worn out writing on it and I wanted to be able to see the writing. Part of the charm right? So I decided to paint over the letters and darken them up a bit. I just used some black craft paint.

Then all I had to do was bat my eyes at my husband a few times to get him to screw the wheels on. Ask for "Casters" if you are heading to Home Depot by yourself. I may have been able to screw them in myself....but since this was such a delicate project, I decided to leave it to the man.

Be sure to use the shortest screws you can find to screw on the casters (wheels). And depending on the thickness of the wood on your crate, they may poke through a little bit. Mine do a little, but since its only magazines going in there, it should be fine.  

 I love how it turned out.
 I think I may have my husband add some pulls on either side for a little extra flair.
This would be a perfect thing to store blankets or pillows in as well. Just be sure that your screws aren't poking through if you decide to use it for that because you don't want the screws tearing holes in your cozy treasures.
Hope this inspired you to re-purpose some of your own vintage treasures!

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