Friday, January 17, 2014

Toddler Bubble Skirt

Happy Friday Friends!
Yesterday I showed you the 2nd look in the Wee People Look Alike Series I am doing and today I am going to show you how I made the cute flannel bubble skirt! Its the perfect cozy skirt for Fall and Winter and will help keep those little leggys warm!

This skirt tutorial is for 2T-4T

You will need:
About 1 yard of fabric (I chose flannel but cotton will work well if you want to make it a Summer skirt)
Plain cream fabric
1 inch wide elastic
Sewing materials

1. Keeping your yard of fabric folded, cut a 42X10 inch piece. (So unfolded it would be 42X20).

2. Keeping it folded, (the fold is going to be your "bubble") sew along the long side opposite the fold. Do not reverse! Then pull either side of your thread and make a ruche. Keep ruching until the length comes out to 27 inches.

3. Cut a 5X27 inch strip of cream fabric and fold in half lengthwise.

4. Placing the pretty sides together, pin the strip of cream fabric to the top of your ruched flannel fabric. This is going to be the waistband. Sew down.

This is what your skirt should be looking like at this point.

 5. Pin down about 1/4 inch of the raw edge of the cream fabric then sew down.

6. Flip over the cream waistband and iron down to make a crease.

7. Line the un-sewn side of the waistband up with the opposite side. Pin down, making sure that it is lined up the whole way and that the ruching is tucked up under far enough.

 8. Sew closed.

9. You should now still have an opening on the waistband. Pin a large safety pin onto your 1 inch wide elastic and string it through the waistband, making sure the opposite side doesn't get lost.

 10. Sew the elastic closed.

11. With the pretty sides (or the outside of the skirt) together, pin your skirt closed. Then sew down. I also used the zig-zag stitch to keep it from fraying when it goes through the wash.

12. Hand stitch the waistband opening with matching thread.

Done! You have just made a bubble skirt! Your little girl will be pleased.

I'm not making any promises, but I would like to do a skirt similar to this with a pocket some day. So keep checking back. Have a great weekend everyone!

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