Friday, January 31, 2014

Hearts On A String

Dear, Friday

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I got outta bed
Because I love you!

Even if you work on one REALLY works that hard on Friday. You just kinda show up (hair half dried, teeth half brushed), check emails, browse the internet, while dreaming of what to do tonight....then you go home and get your lovely weekend started. And today I have an easy Friday craft that you can make quickly over the weekend as well. Hearts on a string. Even if you don't have any other Valentine's decorations up in your house, these are so pretty by themselves. There are endless possibilities for variation too. And they are so easy, you can put them all over the house. I made a garland similar to this (using felt hearts instead of paper) last year and it turned out so cute. You can catch a glimpse of it in my Yarn Wrapped Letters post. 

You will need:
Pretty Valentine's Paper
Heart cookie cutter or stencil
Sewing machine

1. Cut out several heart shapes in varying colors of paper.

2. Using your sewing machine, carefully sew down the middle of one heart, then continue on, sewing down the middle of another heart. Continue until you reach the desired length. The thicker the paper, the easier it is to deal with. But any paper works really. Just don't sew your fingers!

3. Hang in bunches in your windows.

Aren't they pretty!?

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