Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Road Trip Diary / Day 1

Hello everyone! We are finally back from our family road trip! I feel like I need to apologize for not posting last Friday (I really wanted to, I just didn't get time before I left and couldn't find the time while we were gone) and yesterday (my blogger was suffering a few glitches). I know I have many daily readers and I just wanted to thank you all for your support as I explore this new hobby of mine. There would be no point in me doing this if no one read it! So I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you.
Our trip was amazing and of course it flew by way too quickly. But it is always good to be back home and in your own bed again. The girls especially, (who were simply amazing little travelers) were super happy to be back home again in their familiar surroundings. I've got lots of upcoming projects and fun ideas to show you but before I start back in to those again I wanted to share with you the adventures we had on our trip! I was really good about jotting down notes in the Travel Journal I made. So for the next week or so I will be sharing with you all the things we did, places we saw and fun stories along the way. So if you don't feel like hearing about my family vaca, come back in about a week!

Day 1
We left the house on Wednesday night after work around 4:50pm.

So happy to be leaving for our vacation!

Here's our other little traveler, who of course needed her own pics due to the backwards facing car seat.
We were super excited that we got out of the house before 5. It didn't really matter though, because we hit traffic right away. It was kind of frustrating. You are all excited to hit the road and be cruising down the highway and then your happy bubble gets popped by traffic. Come on! Really? We made the best of it though, and took advantage of listening to our favorite radio station while we still could. Princess's favorite toys of the day: The Etch-A-Sketch and the Write and Erase Book. She couldn't believe that you were actually allowed to write on a book! She seriously stared at each page for like 20 mins. Best tip for traveling with kids? New toys and books. I know it sounds terrible to buy new stuff just for a trip. But it is so worth it. They are interested in new things for much longer. We got dinner on the road (we had McDonald's more times than I'd like to admit. And I hate to say it, but our cooler plan didn't really work, because it was so hard to climb back there and dig out our food that most of the time we were just like, "screw it, lets get fast food") and listened to the Sounders game on the radio. They beat DC United 2-0! Since the hubby took the first driving shift, I tried to sleep as much as I could. Then at 2:40am, he was done and it was my turn to drive! I didn't last very long....at 4:09 my eyes just couldn't take it anymore. It was so dark and the road was super wind-y! My poor wonderful road warrior husband didn't complain that he had to drive again so soon. Around 6am, the sun started rising and it was a gorgeous morning.

We were about an hour or so away from San Fran and we were driving by tons and tons of Sunflower fields.

A little blurry, but you get the idea. So pretty.

What do you suppose they grow so many for? Sunflower seeds?
It was beautiful and although we were so sleepy from driving through the night, (the girls were still sleeping in their car seats)

we were cozy and happy together in our car.  It was a special moment. We arrived at our friends house in San Fran at 7:30am.

To Be Continued...

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