Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Road Trip Diary / Day 8

Day 8
A group of us got up early to go golfing at one of the local golf courses the next morning. There are tons of courses down there; everyone is retired and rich down there so I think they golf a lot. If you've never gone before, its actually really fun. I think the guys are onto something ladies. Although they are going to have to do something about the dress code. Collared shirts and knee length shorts? Not so cute. I hadn't played in awhile, (since before Peanut was born) so I was really excited to play again. And I don't think I played too terrible. I was always 1 point behind my husband and he is good.
Love his hot scruff.
So that was pretty cool. There were bunnies, road- runners (meep meep) and quail (love their cute little plumes!) all over the course. And since they are so used to golfers being around them, you could actually get pretty close.
Can you see the baby quail running away in the background? I may have gotten too close for comfort.

The funny (or I guess scary) thing is that they told us before we started, that if your ball goes out of bounds, to leave it.....Can you guess why? Yeah, because if you do go in those bushes, you will probably get bitten by a snake! Yikes! My husband braved the bushes for me one time (I somehow kept the same ball the whole time) and this road-runner was really curious about him and followed him around. It was pretty cute. 

We stopped at home briefly for a little dip in the pool, then after that is was girl time! I was pretty lucky, I got to go on guy's day out and girl's day out. For our girl's outing, we went to get pedicures. Ugh! Heaven! Especially after being in sweaty shoes playing golf all morning. I may have been drinking a little while we golfed....and maybe had a little wine at the pool, so by the time pedicures rolled around, I was all for taking our wine with us to the salon. I think everyone was just as excited about it as I was and the ladies at the salon didn't seem to have a problem with it. Cheers! Talk about some relaxing, fun girl time. There were a few little boutiques right next to the nail salon, so we may have done a little drunk shopping as well. Maybe...
That night we went to a little cowboy restaurant called Pinnacle Peak Patio. Ties covered the ceiling. Like, literally, the entire ceiling was covered with ties. I guess whenever a guy goes in there with a tie on, they cut it off and it becomes part of the decor. Random? Yes. Interesting? Ok. They had a little horse out front that Princess rode on over and over and over again. And of course her grandma couldn't resist spoiling her when she asked for, "One more?".

It was our last dinner together and it was sad to be saying goodbye. The kids had so much fun playing with their little cousin that they never get to see.

But our adventures in Arizona were not over yet. 
That night, we of course had to say our goodbyes to the beloved pool. So my sister, sister in-law and I all got suited up and started getting in the pool. There is a large shallow area in the pool and I decided to sit down there before getting completely into the pool. I sat down and.... OUCH! Got stung by a freaking scorpion!!! I kid you not. I got stung, yes on the ass, by a freaking scorpion. In the pool! If none of you have been lucky enough to experience it; it hurts really say the least. I of course was freaking out saying, "I need to go to the hospital NOW!" But I think everyone was not quite sober enough to do anything but laugh. One of my sisters called and talked to a nurse, who was apparently not too worried by it and said it happens more often than not. She said the only things I needed to look out for was blurry vision, (peachy) swelling and pain in the area, (duh) a lump in my throat or body shivers like small convulsions (lovely). Apparently it affects your nerves......wonderful. I am obviously ok now and the stinging only lasted on and off for a few days. I'm sure there was so much....ahem, flesh back there, that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. My brothers and husband took the liberty of catching the thing and got it into a little plastic toothpick jar. I sat there shaking the jar violently all night to be sure of my revenge. And oh yes, I am keeping the stupid thing and making it into a necklace as a keepsake. Hey, I got stung my a scorpion and lived! How awesome is that!? I went to sleep that night wondering if it was my last night on earth.

To Be Continued....


  1. Hello Brooke! I hopped on over from Abby's blog! I think we've met once, at Abby's baby shower, but I'm not sure if you remember me :)

    I always like to discover new blogs to read, especially if they are written by someone I "know." I really enjoy the layout of your beautiful blog! And I lol'ed at your story of getting bit by the scorpion. I'm SO very grateful we live in a place with no scorpion's and no huge bugs. I am a PNW girl to the core!

    Happy blogging! :)


  2. Hey Kayleen,
    So nice to get a note from you. I am embarrased to say that I don't remember meeting you! I am going to blame it on the blur of pregnancy that I was in. I am happy you have enjoyed my blog. It means a lot for you to comment as well. You're my ego boost of the day! I hope you continue to enjoy it and if you ever have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know. I love feedback.
    Happy Friday,