Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Road Trip Diary / Day 7

Day 7
More shopping that day. You can never do enough of that. Scottsdale has the best mall ever, Fashion Square. Its HUGE! And of course I think its perfect because it has an Anthropologie and a Free People store. No mall is complete without both of those. Then we had lunch at this great restaurant called, "True Food" which featured natural and organic foods that were inspired by dishes all over the world. My sister and I had to convince everyone that it was going to be good and I'm pretty sure everyone thanked us by the time we left.

Peanut loving on her uncle at the restaurant.
The food was incredible. Butternut squash, tomato and mozzarella bake, Chicken sausage, fennel and fontina pizza, Red chili shrimp dish, curry and my personal favorite; the blueberry acai mojito. Princess had an almond butter, strawberry and banana sandwich, which I thought was complete genius. What a great idea; making food that kids actually eat. She loved it and I plan on making it for her at home. In the afternoon we had more pool time.

Splish, Splash.

Seeing these pictures is making me want to be in a pool again. Right. Now!
And remember, the temperature was in the 100's daily, so the pool temperature was like 80's. Are you kidding? We couldn't get out of that pool. Later that night we went to a local cowboy bar (line dancing and all) that claims to be a Pittsburgh Steelers bar. Virtual rolling of the eyes here. So funny. We make a point to go there every time we visit because it is so entertaining. The people watching, the cheap beer and the chill attitude. We had already eaten dinner, but for some reason we decided it was mandatory that we try the all you can eat ribs, wings and stuffed pizza bread sticks. I don't know, the vacation mindset I guess. Everyone was pretty exhausted from the day so after that we went home and crashed for the night.

To Be Continued...

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