Friday, July 26, 2013

Road Trip Diary / Day 10 & 11

Day 10

We woke up and had continental breakfast at the hotel. I'm sorry, but I love continental breakfast. Its never really that great, but I think its always fun to see what surprises you get. Cereal? Pancakes? And when there's bacon you score! And I love that everyone is doing "healthy" choices now like yogurt and fruit. I, of course never eat that stuff, but its pretty much all my girls eat.....hmm. You think maybe they were deprived in the womb? They had a little bit of fun playing in the hotel room while we packed up...

Someone found the AC.

Big sister of course has to get in on the action.
After that we headed up to Zion National Park.

Its pretty amazing. I imagine it is kind of what the Grand Canyon would look like from the bottom looking up. There are so many amazing rock formations there; its incredible. (Shoving up my nerd glasses now).

These ones were called the Archangels.

Cuties, riding the bus

This was called The Weeping Rock. Water was literally gushing out of it.

Way back there was called The Narrows. Because it gets REEALLY narrow in the canyon.

Curious little 3 year old

We spent almost all day there. It was kind of annoying because we couldn't drive through the whole place. There are so many people that visit in the Summer, you have to take a bus so that the road doesn't get all congested. So consequently, we had to drag the girls and their 2 strollers on and off..... every single stop at Zion. And of course it was about 90 degrees as well.  We left there about 4:30pm and then headed to Bryce Canyon. Another place with cool rock formations and such.

A cool looking tree that was struck by lightning.

I mean, how is it that just snow and rain did this? Its crazy!
It was very cool. Since it was getting late and we were running out of daylight; by the end my husband and I were locking the girls in the car at each viewpoint, running out to glance at the view for a second, taking a quick picture and then running back to the car. It was pretty comical.

One of or speedy stops.

We were speed touring!  We finished around 9pm, then drove late into night as far as we could.

Day 11

We woke up in another hotel, showered and then packed for the last time, had another surprising continental breakfast, then hit the road. We were North of Salt Lake City, but we still had a long way to go. We crossed through Idaho, Oregon and then finally made it back to Washington.
Somehow we managed to get a picture of each state's welcome sign.

We arrived home around midnight. The girls were so happy to be placed in their own beds that night. And the next day they played with their toys (the same ones we had on the road trip the whole time that they acted so bored with in the car) like they had never seen them before.
Really? Little stinkers.
Princess's mood especially changed as soon as we got home and there were considerably less tantrums. They were glad to be home and so were we. It was an amazing vacation, but it is always good to be home sweet home. And that was end of our family road trip. 

Next`week the projects and crafts will be back and get ready......the big party reveal is coming!!

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