Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Personalized Paper Napkins

Ever want to add something special to your paper party napkins? I've got a simple, fast craft for today that will help you add a special touch the next time you are throwing a party. Personalized Paper Napkins. These would be great for birthday partys, Summer bbqs, holidays... You could even just do a monogram (your initials) and have the napkins on hand for any occasion.

You will need:

Plain paper napkins (or any light color. I got mine from the local party store)
Rubber stamp (depending on what type of party you are having, there are tons of stamp options)
Stamp pad (non- toxic. If you are using white napkins like me, you can use any color of ink, but use a darker color of ink if you are doing a light color of napkin other than white to be sure it shows up)

All you do is stamp the rubber stamp into the ink and then stamp it on the napkins where you want the picture or letter to go.

Repeat with all the napkins. Let dry. Done.

I searched for weeks at every craft store around, trying to find a fairy stamp for Princess's party. But I couldn't find one. So I settled on acorns instead. Acorns are kind of fairy-ish, right? Fairy food maybe? A butterfly would have been cool as well, but I'm a little grossed out by them....don't ask me why. I have a serious phobia of those horrible butterfly gardens. Anyway, these napkins looked great for her party and there are more pictures of them in her Big Party Reveal. Have a wonderful day!

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