Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Painted Name Rocks

I always loved doing little crafts growing up....obviously nothings changed. Making little bracelets and birdhouses at Summer camps, sewing my first quilt. I think its a great developmental tool for kids. They aren't doing homework or playing sports, but they are still learning (and creating!) by doing. Crafts are so neat (I feel like a dork for using that word) because kids can explore abilities that they may not ever use otherwise. And who knows, maybe they will learn something that will eventually lead them to their dream job. I'm sure architects loved to draw when they were little and fashion designers loved to sew and sculptors loved to play with clay. Crafts are kind of like the gateway where artists have to pass through before they become who they become. I just love crafts because they are fun, because you can make almost anything with a little effort and because they are so great for kids. I have never met a kid who didn't like "craft" time at my house. And the best part is they all get quiet when they do them. Yeah, pretty awesome. Today I thought I would share a super simple craft project that is perfect for kids and if you're looking for a little break away from the sun......this is just right. This could also be a cool craft for adults as well with a little tweaking. You could paint them in black and white with gold designs on them, then place in a glass jar on a mantle or table for decoration. Just sayin', crafts aren't just for kids....

Painted Name Rocks

You will need:
A rock (or a few if you want to paint more)
Craft paint
Paint brush

1.Choose a rock that is smooth and flat (or really any kind that strikes your fancy. It could be bumpy if you really want it to be). And of course let the kiddos pick their own.

2. Paint the rock on all sides. Let dry.

3. Paint your name on the rock in a contrasting color. Let dry. If they can, let bigger kids paint their own names.

4. Put rock in a place of honor: The garden, or fairy garden, your child's bedroom on a shelf, the kitchen window sill, your hubby's office. Wherever you feel is best. Your child may want to keep it with their special treasures or treat it like a toy. No big deal, just make sure they don't throw it at the siblings!

And if you want even more fun ideas to keep the kids occupied this Summer, I found this great list of things to do. Have fun!

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