Friday, July 5, 2013

Sewing Cards

If you are reading this I am not actually here....not even writing this on the same day you are reading it. So sneaky! In fact, today is the day we are driving down through California to Hearst Mansion/Castle. Its really a mini kingdom. I have been before a few times on our family road trips and I love it! But my husband hasn't been, so I had to show it to him. It is so amazing. So huge, so over the top, so beautiful and so fun to imagine yourself living there.... :) It's crazy to think that some people actually have enough money to live in places like that. If you don't know who William Hearst is, he started many of the magazines we read today. If you look on the side of most magazines, you will see the name, "Hearst Magazines". I know my Food Network magazine is, and I think Vogue is as well. Now you know where all the money came from. Anyway, that's what I'm doing today. But here is what I did about a week ago to show you a craft for today.
Sewing cards! I really wanted to do these for our road trip because I thought it would be a great, easy activity for Princess to do in the car. And bonus! It should really help with those motor skills as well. And I can test her as she works on them. What shape is that? What color is that?

You will need:
Cardboard (any old package box will do)
Craft paint
Paint brush
Modge podge
Hole punch
Laces (I got mine from the party section at Target for $2 each)

First draw out some shapes onto the cardboard and cut them out. You could do animal shapes, but I'm not quite that artistic, so I just stuck to the basics. A square, circle and heart will do for me!

You can see that I tried to do a star on the circle one. Oh well. Princess does seem to really like circles.
Then paint your shapes in whatever colors you like. Let dry.

Then do a layer of modge podge and let dry.

Punch some holes along the outer edge of the shapes. This actually takes more skill (or intelligence) than it looks like. You have to make sure there are an even number of holes, otherwise you will end up with laces on different sides of the card. Oops! It still works, its just not as cute.

Then lace the laces through your cards. Princess helped me out with this part and it was super cute because she started to really get into it. Her very first "sewing" project!

 I also found some really cute vintage sewing cards that you can buy if you're not in a crafting mood. Or you can do these printable ones. Cute little quilted animals. All you would do for these is print them off, glue to some cardboard, cut them out, then punch holes in them. Have fun teaching your little ones to "sew"! And happy Friday everyone!

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