Monday, May 13, 2013

Planting My Garden

Happy Monday! (Can that even be said?) Well....Monday anyway. I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. My husband spoiled me rotten!!!! XOXO! I felt very loved and appreciated and I got Egg's Benedict for breakfast. Crab Benedict actually....yeah, delicious. So basically it couldn't have been better. I even got my garden planted which I wasn't expecting to do, but we had gotten all the supplies and seeds and the girls were napping (actually throwing their stuffed animals and blankets out of their cribs and screaming at each other) so I just decided to go for it. I of course didn't take pictures of the before or after I was done planting, so instead I ran out there to snap a few pictures after the huge thunder and lightning storm we had this afternoon! And now its sunny. Spring weather is so weird.

So here it is: (Ignore the puddles...I'm just glad it didn't hail and ruin my garden!). Also, the cross in my garden isn't because we are secretly saints or anything....well maybe.....its just my walking path for when the garden starts getting big and lush and I need to walk through it to weed.
So in the top right I planted, Basil, Chives and 2 different kinds of Carrots. The large plant is an artichoke plant that we had last year (an Artichoke never grew) But it survived the entire Winter and was starting to look really nice again, so I decided to keep it and see if it does anything this year. Below that are some Walla Walla Onions and some Leeks. I tried growing Leeks from seed last year and they didnt get far, so I decided to do the starter plants this year. Then along the bottom right, there is Letuce, Spinach and Kale.

In the very far back left there will be Butternut Squash, Yellow Squash and Zucchini. Although I don't have much hopes for the Butternut, because my mother in law told me she has never gotten them to grow. She is an amazing gardener, unlike me...I just plant stuff anf hope for the best. Along the left side under the string, there will be Sugar Snap Peas. They did pretty well for us last year. Then where the Tomato cages are there will be 3 Tomato plants and a Jalepeno plant. They are on the way. Closest to us in the picture, there is Swiss Chard (which is new for me and I am excited about because its awesome in the juicer) and Kale.

Such a cute little garden. Hopefully it will grow big and beautiful. I have high hopes!

From left to right: Leeks, Walla Wallas and the dinosaur of an Artichoke plant.

This is a picture of the little strip along our garage. I planted some Lemon Balm (The leaves smell like Lemon and I think its a medicinal plant) and Poppies. I love Poppies!!! Last year we had Sunflowers, which were cool because they grow super tall and they literally follow the sun...but they didn't last long after they bloomed and it took me weeks to pick them up when they fell over the pathway...I need low maintenence. In the pot there is our little fairy garden. There is a little Sage there now and the Chamomile I planted there has sprouted little sproutlets. That poor little fairy has a friend that broke her wings and SOMEONE has been begging me to fix them!
I will post more pictures of the garden as it grows and definately at the peak of the season to show you what it does! Oh and watch out for a new look to my blog....coming soon!

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