Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Peanut's 1st Birthday

So after planning the wedding of my dreams, (almost 4 years ago now!) to the man of my dreams, I seemed to have caught a party planning bug. Any sort of party; birthday, costume, holidays....I start planning MONTHS in advance. I can't help it. I just love to do it. I love to search Google and Pinterest, scouring for ideas and inspiration. Then I obsess over what the inviations should look like, what theme the party should have, what sort of color scheme it should be. Its sick. So anyway, when the time came for me to plan our second daughter's first birthday. I was so excited!
It started out as being a "Garden Party" theme and then evolved into Garden Party/Shabby Chic/Sugar and Spice and everything get the idea. I couldn't stop!

I chose the invites from You can see them here:
And I made a floral head wreath for her to wear (which I will have a tutorial for soon)

Then we had a mini photo shoot and soon we got the perfect picture. Luckily babies are super smilely at this age so it wasn't hard to find some good ones!

And I love these ones too, so I had to post as well:

Then here are pictures of the actual party and decor:

The banner back there with her name on it was inspired by Pinterest

Gorgeous flowers that I got from Whole Foods (In my opinion, the best place to get flowers for a party)

Our family Happy Birthday sign, made by me a few years ago. We hang it for every birthday. I had no idea when I was making it how much I would love it.

The food table: We had tea sandwiches, garden party salad, almonds and mini caprese bites. Yum!

Strawberry Vanilla Bean Cupcakes. I am very picky about my cupcakes, so I always make them myself.

Decorated mason jars for the beverages (Pinterest, where else?) and my helpful sister in the background. Oh yeah and that table cloth is actually an old sheet I had. Worked perfect.

I tied little "Shabby Chic" scraps of fabric onto the champagne glasses for some extra flare

Little herbs for the party favors. Sage, Thyme and Rosemary.

I painted some mandarin cans with chalkboard paint and then wrote on them, "Thanks a bunch for celebrating!"

Party entrance. I slaved away on that silly wreath and now I have no idea what to do with it!

Got this idea from another blogger who did the same wreath for her daughter's 1st birthday. I will have to find her so I can credit her

Garden themed quote
The party turned out beautifully and I was very happy with how everything came together. Although I would not have been able to do it without my sweet big sister and husband, so thank you guys!! I was so sad the next day however, when I realized that I didn't get a single picture with my baby and us! Her parents! I kept thinking that we would just all dress up again and re-stage it, but now that its May, and her party was in April, I doubt that we will get around to it. Oh well. Poor second child!
Whew! And that's the end of my very first post. I hope it was enjoyable. I welcome any suggestions or ideas.


  1. Very clever. Since I wasn't able to attend, I was very happy to see the party favors and decorations on your blog.

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