Saturday, May 18, 2013

Brooke's 10 Beautiful Finds Under $40

I am a subscriber to Real Simple Magazine and one of my favorite things to look at each month is their 10 finds under $50 page. They always have such cute things and it seems to have a way of inspiring me to uh, shop? Not that I need any inspiring for that. Sorry Babe! But at any rate its at least fun to look at fun and new products, even if it is what I call, "Dream Shopping". So I decided that once or twice a month I will do a post that shows 10 of MY finds and I will make it a little more exciting (and possibly more shopable) by lowering the highest price to $40. There are my finds for May:

1. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream $25.00 at
I love this brand so much. They have a few simple but classic fragrances such as Rose, Jasmine and Lavender and they are a good natural product. I just bought their Antioxidant Face Mask, it so soothing and doesn't feel like it dries you out. I am always needing lotion because my hands are always so dry and this just looks yummy.

2. Bla Bla Kids Lunch Tote $28.00, I love the Bla Bla dolls so much. My daughters each have one. Their whole line is so cute and original. The have knit dolls that are life sized! I thought this lunch bag was very nostalgic. Would have been so fun to have as a kid to take to school, but it is also grown up enough to take to work!

3. West Elm Napkins $16.00 for a set of 4, The simplicity of these patterns are great. They can go with many different styles of kitchen. 

4. Glass Pearl Earrings at $18.00 I feel like every girl needs a pair of diamond studs and pearl studs. I am lacking the pearl studs and I need to change it up! These are so classic and elegant....and cheap. 

5. Star Frozen Pop Molds, set of 6 for $12.95 We are in the market for some Popsicle molds. Summer is coming! These are so cute and BPA free! They also have a pushpop Popsicle mold. Genius for kids.

6. Solar Jars, Price ranges from $20-$25. These things are so cool! They are "green" because they recharge themselves sitting in the sun during the day and you can use them as nightlights for your kids or put them in your outdoor space for parties. I love these! There is a way to DIY these, but when looking at the tutorials it was way too complicated for me. So this is one thing I would rather buy than make myself. Plus, I don't think the price is very different once you pay for all the parts you need.

7. Bunny Stamp, $24.00 What a cool thing to have. It comes in a few different kinds of animals...the owl is especially cute. How neat would it be to have your own signature stamp to put on cards, letters, etc.? And it looks adorable sitting on your desk. Anthro rocks my world. 

8. Goodnight Moon Free People Sunglasses $18.00 Of course, I had to have something from Free People on here. My very favorite clothing line. I'll admit, its a little hard to find things under $40 on their website (unless you're on the Sale page). But my gosh all their stuff is so great. I have 2 of their sunglasses now. The best part about them is they are cheap. I am always breaking my sunnies because I throw them in my purse and they get smooshed. (I have a sunglass case, but who has time for that?) So sunglasses that are less than $20 is usually my budget. I thought these were perfect with Summer coming around the corner. And they are SO Janis Joplin. Love!

9. Old Navy The Rockstar Super White Skinnies. $19.00, These will go perfect with my chambray top and I can't wait to get a pair! How can you beat $19 for a pair of jeans! Old Navy commercials are to say it nicely....terrible! But hey, they have great deals! These are perfect for Spring and Summer. 

10. Hairbands Solid Vintage Set, $36.00. Okay, so you can get these for way cheaper other places....Urban Outfitters is one of them. But I really like this neutral color combo. Every girl NEEDS these things for Summer. They are so cute to wear around your wrist and they dont kink your hair. Princess and Peanut already have some of their own and they barely have hair! I have seen that you can make these as well. So if I ever find the materials for them I will do a DIY on it. :)

Okay, now that I've done my free advertising for the day, its time for me to go enjoy the rest of my weekend. Hope you all had a beautiful and relaxing weekend!

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