Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Embellished Baby T-Shirt

Good morning! Hope everyone is having a great week.
I got this plain, white, 18 months t-shirt handed down to me the other day and I was so excited because my brain was immediately thinking of ways to make it new (and of how to hide the few stains that were on it). This is a super easy thing to do if you are ever wanting to change up an old t-shirt or hide a stain or two. It maybe took a total of 5 minutes. Sewing is optional also. I chose to sew the patch on, but you can also just glue it with a little fabric glue...that stuff is surprisingly strong.

For this project you will need:
An old T-shirt
Fabric scraps
Thread (you could use normal white thread, but I decided to use floss)
and/or Fabric glue

First make sure that the shirt has been washed. If there happen to be any stains on it that you are trying to hide, it could bleed through onto your new shirt.

Cut a piece of scrap fabric into any shape you like. A star, heart, cat, owl....anything!  I chose a heart because it was the only shape I could handle without a stencil or something.

If you fold the fabric in half and cut a half heart, then it will make a pretty even heart.

Then either glue on the piece or sew it on. I glued it first, then sewed around the edge (about 1/4 inch from the edge) with embroiderer's floss. I thought it would add a little more interest that way.

I made the stitches pretty big on purpose. :)
And that's it! One of the easiest upgrades ever.

Here it is on the model

"I'm too cute for this shirt!"
For washing, you should be able to wash it normally, in cold water. But I would try to hang it to dry as much as possible. The more you dry it, the more the unfinished edge of the heart will get ruffled. It can be cute like that, but if you don't want that aged look, then make sure to hang it dry.

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  1. She IS too cute for that shirt :D
    For your info, I got here from "The WHOOT" (to see the little dress made from an old shirt)

    Well done. There are some excellent ideas and they are well explained ;)