Monday, May 20, 2013

Garage Sale Treasures

Sleeping in is so delicious...We somehow got to sleep in both mornings this weekend and it was SO NICE! We must have abnormal children. They will sleep in on weekends a lot, and when they actually do wake up, they just play and talk to each other. Sisters! Its so sweet. Since we did get that nice treat, we sacrificed a little garage sale-ing time. Our neighborhood only allows a few garage sales a year, so everyone has a garage sale at once. Its amazing. There is so much stuff! It would have been nice to walk (the weather wasn't great) but you can cover more ground if you drive. There are so many to see in such a short period of time and once you get going, its so addicting. Just one more! Oh, wait! There's one right there! It was fun. So I didn't get all that much, but I am very excited about what I did find. And I think I spent a total of $8. Big spender!

We were so excited to find this rocking chair. My in-laws have a mini rocking chair like this at their house and Princess has always been obsessed with it. I think I'm gonna paint it white. We got it for $ really? Pretty awesome. We were even more excited when we found a similar (unfinished one) at Michael's that was $50 bucks. Yeah, I think we struck gold.
This was definitely the most exciting find.
Here are the rest of my treasures. A t-shirt (that was $1) cause her highness is in need of Summer clothes. Stop growing!! 2 stamps (these are so expensive at the store) and a star shaped hole punch (I think those were a total of $1.50) and a cute wooden toy that I just couldn't pass up. Wooden toys are so great because they last forever. Who knows how old this one is or how many generations it has been around for. So cool to think about. It says on the bottom that it was made in Alaska. I thought about painting it, but I don't know. I might keep it as is for now.

So I didn't get quite as much loot as I wanted to, but at least I didn't strike out completely. It did inspire quite a few projects. But it was kind of a nice surprise, the day after the garage sale a friend gave me a whole huge bin of hand me downs to look through for the girls and I did got quite a nice pile of stuff from her.  Here are some of the things that I plan on recreating into other things.

This was all FREE!

The dress on the left, I thought could be remade into a different style of dress or I could cut it up and turn it into something completely new. It still has the tags on it! It just not my style though, so it may be used for its fabric only. The white T-shirt on the top, I am going to add some kind of embellishment to it in the next few days to cover some stains it has. Its 18months. For the Peanut. She has so many clothes from her big sister and she certainly doesn't need any more shirts, but I thought it would be a fun craft. The green skirt on the right I think I will cut up as well. Its a handmade piece. Then the silvery skirt I thought would be perfect for a dress up bin for the girls. I am working on building their collection of dress up. I think its necessary for a girl to have an ample dress up collection. Princess LOVES to dress up and is always telling us, "I'm a princess!" So I think she will be excited about it as well.

Then of top of all those goodies, I also got to make a trip to Michael's for some crafting supplies. Here are the goods I got there.
Now that I am all stocked up its time to get crafting!

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