Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Girl's Nursery

We bought our house about a year and a half ago now....and let me tell you, it has come a LONG way. It was trashed when we got it. The yard was a mess, there was junk everywhere (we bought it out of bankruptcy) and the walls.....exasperated sigh here.....all the walls were brown! We have been doing as much as we can little by little to fix it up and make it ours. We have so many plans for it that its almost laughable....almost. Either we are way too picky or we just have better taste than everyone else..... I'm gonna go with taste. ;) Anyway, I wanted to show some of the rooms in their finished states and hopefully give you ideas and inspiration for projects of your own. I unfortunately won't have before and after photos for all of them. But I will post them when I do have them. Right now, the only room that I consider completely "finished" is the girl's room. Or to sound fancy, the Girl's Nursery.

The cribs are the Gracco Victoria Crib. Got them at Target. The silver "Year" frame is Pottery Barn Kids. The twig letters are done by an independent artist out of Canada. She sometimes sells through Chasing Fireflies. You can find her work usually by googleing "twig letters".

The mobile is done by ME! I hope to sell them through soon. Dresser is IKEA. I love that it works as a changing table now, but can be used as a dresser forever.
Close up of the mobile. If anyone wants to order one before I set up my shop on Etsy, you can send me a message and I will start right away. I can do any combination of colors. Purple and Greens are shown here.

Our wonderful cozy rocking chair. This was the biggest expense of the nursery, but it was SO worth it. Everyone wants in that chair for story time.
And the Buffalo stool. Probably my favorite part about the girls room. We got it at Cabela's. Random, I know. I have a strange love for buffalos. I think they are so cute and so magnificent. Such a cool animal. There's also storage in the butt....pretty rad if you ask me.

 See! Look at that face!

The girls book collection. The bookshelf is pretty full, yet somehow I don't think we have nearly enough books. You can never have too many books. Never!

I am actually pretty proud of this piece even though I had nothing to do with it (except the idea to paint it). The hubs did it and it turned out perfect. We got this from his brother. He painted it white then sanded it down a bit to have a "vintage" look. I think it was actually pretty old to begin with. I love it though. Its amazing what paint can do to a piece of furniture.

Their nightlight. I ADORE this thing (from Anthropologie).

Sweet little bird cage/ music box from Peanut's godmother.

These were part of the decor for my baby shower when I was pregnant with Princess. I have held onto them this whole time. So pretty and simple.

Gotta have the JellyCat stuffed animals. We are growing quite the collection.

Pattycake Prints handprints. I love these.

Here's another JellyCat animal (the elephant) and a Bla Bla Kid knit doll. I can't get enough.

The paint in this room is a purplely grey color. We like it so much, we are putting it in the master bathroom as well!

There it is. The only finished room in our house. ;) My husband and I are always saying that its our favorite room in the house. Its our favorite because its just how we want it and we MADE it that way. It so cozy too. Sometimes we just sit on the floor in there and hang out. I know that the love we put into creating this room will bring a sort of magic to it, that will inspire years of play for my two sweet girls.

I am currently in the process of redoing the laundry room, so I hope to have the before and after pictures of that room up soon.

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