Thursday, May 23, 2013

Binky/ Nuk Strap

Happy Thursday! I'm so excited for the upcoming 3 day weekend! That third day, just makes all the difference in the world. Its totally like a mini vacation. I think all weekends should be three days long. The work week would be so much more do-able. European countries really know what they are doing. They have no qualms with taking days off, or pausing for an hour or two during the day for nap time. Ugh! Why couldn't I have been born in Italy!? France would work too. We are going away for the weekend. It should be so nice. The hardest part about leaving for a weekend is packing. I HATE packing. Its such a pain to try and predict what outfits you will need/ want to wear when you are there. And for the girls its even worse....its like, how many diapers do I think they will go through? And, how many outfits are they going to go through? What toys are they interested in right now? Oh and don't forget the blankies, nuks, bunnies and the "Chewy"(Princess's stuffed animal cat). Once you get in the car though, its all worth it. You can start to relax (or at least I can; the husband drives :)) and it feels like your vacation has started. Anyways! Speaking of nuks.... Peanut's nuk straps have a way of getting really disgusting. I was looking at it the other day and I thought it wouldn't be too hard to make a new one using some new ribbon and the old metal parts of the strap. So here goes...

You will need:
An old stinky nuk strap
Brand new grosgrain ribbon, 1 inch wide (If you don't know what grosgrain ribbon is, its that ribbon with ridges on it. A lady at the store can help you as well)
A basic sewing kit or sewing machine
Trusty scissors
A lighter

1. Start by cutting the strap off of the metal parts.

2. Use a seam ripper and take the velcro off the strap. You could also use new velcro, I just didn't have any.

3. Cut about 12 inches of the new grosgrain ribbon.

4. Sew on the metal hook part onto one end of the ribbon.
Sew here.

5. About 6 inches from that same end, sew on one of the pieces of velcro.

6. Fold over the other end and sew closed. Then use your lighter and burn the edges of the ribbon so that they don't fray.

7. Then sew the second piece of velco on the very end. (Use the old Nuk strap as your pattern. It will show you about how far to space the velcro).

8. Then you're done!
Ready for hookup.

I think she likes it.
Such an easy fix and I love that you can pick out your own ribbon. Peanut has a second nuk strap that I think I will do it to, but it doesn't have any I will have to get some. I only wish that there was some where to find the metal hook part so that I could make a whole bunch! Baby shower presents or something. I will have to look at the fabric store the next time I'm there. There probably is. Those stores are always surprising me.

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