Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ways You Know You're A Mother To Girls

Now that we are having 3 girls, I have been doing a lot of thinking about having three girls. It's just a lot. Of girls. Not that I don't enjoy the thought of having my own "Little Women" scenes played out every day. Like that will happen! Anyway, I came up with 10 ways you know you're a mother to girls. Because its funny and true and some of you may be craving a break from crafts. :)

10 Ways You Know You're A Mother To Girls

1. Glitter....Everywhere. You sweep it up every time you sweep the floor, it ends up in your food (wow, that meatloaf is sparkly!) and somehow on your face...after the shower. But it's pretty status quo.

2. A "Frozen" song will come on on your Pandora station and you don't even flinch. You sing along.

3. Speaking of "Frozen", Elsa was a name you (briefly) considered for your third daughter. j/k.

4. You don't have a separate load of laundry for "reds", you have a separate load for "pinks".

5. You get excited to see the new Disney princess movie remakes like Cinderella. Probably more excited than your daughters. You stuff your purse full of a large assortment of candy for the event, because hey, this is a big day. Rob Stark lives!

6. You have at least one fight a day about outfit or hairstyle choices.

7. And after all that drama, you still ask your oldest daughter for HER opinion on YOUR outfit choices.

8. Impromptu dance parties are a common occurrence. And dancing on the coffee table is encouraged.

9. You've mastered the French braid, the Elsa side braid, the fishtail braid and painting nails on moving hands.

10. You have dolls, hair bows, clips and days of the week undies in your purse (not yours).


11. You love getting your hair done, but your daughter playing with your hair feels way better, even if she pulls sometimes.

12. A tea party with your girls sounds better than a girl's night out.

13. You love getting compliments, but when your daughter says you're pretty, you want to cry.

14. You have already imagined her wedding (several times) and you can't wait!

Have a great day!

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