Friday, March 27, 2015

Flower Headbands

Happy Friday friends!
Hope everyone is getting splashes of Spring sunshine here and there. Yesterday it was absolutely gorgeous here and it made me so happy! It certainly puts me in the mood to get stuff done! Gosh, I vacuumed the whole house, organized a few cupboards and I even had time to do a little crafting. :) I have wanted to do some "Lana Del Rey style" floral headbands for the girls for awhile now. And now that it's Spring, I thought it was the perfect time to do it. And has anyone seen the current theme of "festival wear" going around? My question was, "How many festivals does one go to?"  Apparently enough that you need whole outfits for. Well festival go-ers, these headbands I made just happen to be perfect, "festival wear".

For 1 headband, you will need:
1 cheapo headband (I got St. Patty's Day one's from the Target bins)
1 bouquet of fake flowers (Micheal's)
Green ribbon
Hot glue gun

1. First I ripped off the green clovers that were on mine, but I kept on the dark green ribbon that was on them because you wouldn't see it once it was all covered with new ribbon and flowers.

2. Using the hot glue gun, secure the end of ribbon (and I just cut about 3 feet of ribbon to start) to the end of the headband. Then glue and wrap the ribbon around the headband over and over until you get about a quarter of the way up.

3. Then start adding your fake flowers. You can make any pattern with the flowers that you like. And I suggest preparing the flowers ahead of time, by cutting off any excess parts. The flowers I used had all this green tubing that was really unnecessary. So just cut off any stuff like that so that the headband is not so bulky. Lay the stem of the flower along the headband, then put some hot glue over it, then wrap the ribbon around. Keep wrapping and gluing the ribbon until you can't see any of the stem. Repeat with more flowers, saving bigger ones for the next step.

4. After you have a good base of flowers, continue wrapping and gluing the ribbon all the way to the opposite end of the headband. Cut any excess ribbon and glue the end down. Then take any large flowers you have left (I used the large roses) and glue them right on top of the headband in any places that look sparse. This will really fill it in to make it look complete. The whole point is to have gobs of flowers on your head.

5. Peel away any stray parts of glue, then you are finished!

This one was conveniently "sick" yesterday morning and got to stay home from school, so I got my professional model for the day. :)

Such a little ray of sunshine!

These would be perfect for weddings or music festivals or just wearing for fun in the Spring and Summer.

Here is my other (rather squirmy) sweet model.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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