Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Front Porch

Spring is here! It is finally here and I couldn't be happier. We seemed to have the dullest of Winters. There was just nothing special about it. We had snow exactly 1 day and it was gone by the next day. So dumb. So not cool. And since we didn't have a good Winter, I figure, onto the next season! I love seeing all of the flowers sprout from their hiding places in the ground and I adore the cherry blossoms! I keep kicking myself, because I walked by our neighbor the other day who was trimming his cherry blossom tree and I really wanted to ask him if I could have some of the branches that he was just throwing away! But I chickened out and have been sorry ever since. Anyway, since I have been in a Spring-y mood, I went out and got some new flowers for our front porch and decided to get it all cute and styled for Spring. Here it is.

Never mind the gray ball of fluff that is seen throughout the pictures. :)

There has been nothing but dirt in these flower pots the entire time we have lived in this house, so I figured it was time to do something about it. And I got pink flowers! Surprised? I couldn't resist the Ranculus, which I love! And I don't know, pink was just speaking to me that day.

I finally got some new pillow cases made for these outdoor pillows and I know one little kitty who was extremely happy about that. She always flips them over and uses them for a bed. I decided to get a little bit fancier than I usually do and I added a girly bow to the gray polka-dot one. I think it turned out sweet.

I love this fun butterfly fabric I found. Don't worry people. It's still me. I'm still deathly afraid of butterflies. But these ones are dead. In fact, they were never alive to begin with. I will make an exception for never-been-alive butterflies.

I had a lot of fun with this little corner. I wanted the porch to have a little something extra. I searched and found loads of gorgeous front porch ideas on Pinterest. So many to choose from! I loved the ones with lots of fresh flowers (some with pots and pots full of flowers all over the porch!), but I didn't want to go overboard, or spend a ton of money. So I took a few of the ideas that I found and simplified.

My homemade wreath from last year. You can see the tutorial for it here.

And that's our Spring Front Porch. Hope it inspires you! Have a wonderful day.

Source List:
Wreath: Made by me!
Welcome mat: Homegoods
Lantern and candle: Micheal's
Small terra cotta pot: Micheal's
Flowers: Home Depot
Crate: Micheal's
Pillow cases: Made by me!
Small chalkboard sign: Micheal's

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