Monday, March 16, 2015

Spirit Day #1: Red, White and Blue

Hello everyone. This week is Spirit Week at my daughter's school! So I decided to show you pics of her all dressed up in the different themes for each day. I was super excited when I heard about Spirit Week. After all, getting to dress up your very own live doll is one of the best things about being a Mommy right!? Here she is honoring America for Red, White and Blue Day.

Even though we have been seeing little bits of sunshine here and there, it's still a little cold outside to be without a jacket. :)

I didn't get a good picture of her hair. She had a pony in with a little red bow. She was having fun flipping her hair around after I put it in. So silly.

Don't worry. Lola (our grey kitty) looks annoyed, but she actually lives for attention these days. We have neighbor kids of all ages who purposely walk by to see her.

I can't believe how grown up my sweet girl is getting. It breaks my heart and fills me with joy at the same time. Love her!

That's it for today! Come back tomorrow to see her all decked out in her favorite sports team gear for Sports Day!

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