Thursday, November 27, 2014

Our Thanksgiving Table 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! How grateful I am to have all of my faithful followers! YOU!

I just wanted to stop in really quickly and show you our Thanksgiving table because I am so proud of how it turned out!

First off, look at what got finished just in the nick of time for Thanksgiving! Our benches! And yes, plural. Benches. We decided to make two of them for now because they are a way cheaper alternative to buying chairs. So we thought until we get chairs, we may as well have two cute benches! The cost per bench was about $40! A great option for those times when you have to seat a lot of people. And what better time than Thanksgiving! It's so pilgrim-like, right!?

Here's a side view of the cute little things. I love that they match the table style.

And here's our table! As I was putting the table together I was starting to get discouraged because I thought it looked a little blah, (maybe because the main centerpiece had sit there all month waiting for this day, so maybe I was just bored with it) but then I added some greenery to the centerpiece and it just went from boring to gorgeous! A good thing to keep in mind for future table decorating.

I am glad that I was able to keep neutral colors, but still keep it distinctive. I think it turned out so pretty.

You might notice that there are only glasses on one side of the table. Ignore that. They got there eventually!

I even got my guitar restrung, just in case anyone feels the urge to play...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the blessings of family, friends and food!

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