Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Pictures

Hello! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!
Looking back over my photos, I was kind of sad, because I didn't get very many or very good ones. The girls just got too anxious to get started and then I felt rushed to get going....ugh. We didn't even get any good ones with us and the girls. Why does that always happen? Lesson learned I guess. Don't let yourself be rushed so you can get some decent pictures! The girls had a fun night though. Although Princess (who had been talking about Halloween all month) was done after about 8 houses and wanted to go home and take off her dress! It was Peanut who wanted to keep going. Go figure. She was too cute. She just walked down the sidewalk chanting, "Trick or TrEAT! HallowEEN!" It was just precious. And then we would get to someone's door and she wouldn't say anything. Princess was a southern belle (which she picked out herself) and Peanut was Van Gogh. We decided it was a perfect costume for Peanut as she is our little artist. I started having doubts about her costume, thinking maybe I should have picked something girlier or something. But I'm so glad I stuck to it, because it turned out so cute. Everyone seemed to know who she was too which was cool. I was impressed that she held onto her painters pallet the whole time too. It was a very nice Halloween as the girls got to trick or treat with some of their cousins and Grandma and Grandpa joined us too! Here are a few pictures of the evening.

This was pre-beard for little miss Van Gogh. I forgot about it, but luckily got it on her before we headed out for the night.

Our southern belle was totally in character. It suited her personality well.

They were being so difficult for pictures that we had to bribe them with candy to even get them to look at the camera! Little stinkers.

Here's the beard. I love it.

Digging through looking for the perfect piece of candy to end the night with.

That's the one!

So ladylike.

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