Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finishing Touch to our Farmhouse Table

Last month I showed you our new Rustic Farmhouse Table that my husband and I made for our dining room, which we absolutely love! But there was something missing. Something that somehow both my husband and I thought of to add to it. Obviously I probably found the idea on Pinterest, but where did he come up with it? It's a mystery. Anyway, we both thought it would be cool to carve (or actually burn) our initials onto the table. It will be a piece that I am sure we will keep for years and it adds a special unique-ness to it. So after quite a few practice runs on some old boards (there's no going back on this one!) he carved our initials onto our table with a tool called a "Creative Versa-tool". It's like an engraving tool that literally burns the wood to make stamps and letters, etc. Pretty cool. And he just happened to have it. But I am sure you can buy one either at a hardware store or a craft store.

Without further ado, here it is!
2009 is the year we were married.

See you!

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