Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tree Trimming

We finally got around to trimming our tree the other day. It was so much fun. Its great because Princess is at the perfect age for it. I still held my breath as she hung some of the more fragile ornaments, but she actually did a pretty good job. It was funny, she would only decorate in one area in the tree, so we would have to reposition her from time to time so that all the ornaments wouldn't be in one spot! We started a tradition a few years ago (I think maybe we have done it since we were married) of eating doughnuts and drinking champagne while we decorate the tree. I think I read about it in a magazine somewhere and I really liked the idea, so it stuck. My husband doesn't even like doughnuts, but he pretends to like them for this tradition every year. We collect the wire part from each champagne bottle and write the year in the center of it. Then we tie it on with a ribbon to the rest of the previous year's champagne wires. Eventually it will be a garland going all the way around the tree! It was a special night. We even got to see a couple snow flurries!

There's the little Princess with her "Baby Champagne", aka Sparkling Cider. She never gets juice, so that was a very special treat.
The hubby, hanging the lights.
I'm not sure what happened with this photo. It looks like I'm putting on the lights, but the lights were already up. Its Christmas magic I guess.
Gotta get a boost to hang those ornaments up high!

No mistletoe? A red ornament will do.

Here is our champagne wire garland so far.
Our pretty tree. We really lucked out this year and got a good one. It was perfect for hanging ornaments. Its branches were perfectly spaced and it is really healthy.
Our sweet little deer. Lets see how long they survive with the kids trying to ride them!  

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