Monday, December 9, 2013

Hanging Pinecones

Another great natural thing to decorate with for the holidays is pinecones! While we were away for Thanksgiving I made sure to collect as many pinecones as I could. We should have them around here, but for whatever reason, I can never find any! Must be the home owners association, making the neighborhood too clean! The family house that we go to in Oregon is really out in the sticks, so there is always a plethora of gorgeous, plump, perfect pinecones. I brought back as many as I could. You can get pinecones from the craft store (although I have a hard time finding ones that are non-cinnamon scented), but free is always better right!? Today's diy is a very simple, but elegant way to use them and you don't need much to do it!

WAIT! Before you do anything with pinecones that you have gathered from outside, make sure that you bake them first. Here's why. Teeny tiny bugs live in the pinecones and will hitch a ride into your home if you don't! Gross right? So preheat the oven to 250 degrees and bake the pinecones on a foil lined tray for 30 mins. Bake those suckers out! Be sure to keep an eye on the pinecones as they are baking. Just so you don't start any fires! After they cool, they are ready for crafting.

You will need:
Ribbon in the color of your choice (about 3-5 yards)
Hot Glue

1. Cut varying lengths of ribbon anywhere from 8-13inches long and hot glue the ends to the tops of your pinecones.

2. Bunch all of the ribbon together and tie a small piece of ribbon around the tops of the ribbon. Done! 

Hang on a wall, in a window, or it would be really cute on your front door!

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