Friday, December 13, 2013

Peace Pillow

Happy Friday the 13th! I'm not superstitious. Its just like any other day, except that I have a million things to do instead of a thousand things to do. And this weekend will be even busier! We have two Christmas parties and we are going to hunt for the girl's Christmas dresses and we will maybe see Santa if we find the dresses and we are going to start Christmas shopping.....and I'm still trying to decorate the house! Seriously. Chicken with its head cut off. Anyway, yesterday I made this adorable Pottery Barn knock off pillow and it turned out gorgeous. It was a fun project. It would make a great Christmas gift for a friend if any of you are looking for original Christmas gift ideas. I have always liked Peace signs. I think I was born part hippie. No really. I once owned a tie die skirt. Except I really like showers and I'm not really into weed. Like I said, "Part hippie." This takes the hippie up a notch though and makes the peace sign a little more traditional and elegant. Here is the how to.

You will need:
1 Yard of cream/khaki colored linen
Gold metallic craft paint
Gold metallic glitter craft paint
Silver sequins
Fabric glue
Sewing materials
Khaki colored 18 inch zipper
This is for a 26X26 Pillow insert. Although mine have shrunk down to a 23X20....

1. Fold your fabric in half. Then cut a 26X26 square, keeping the fold. If your pillows are a little bit smaller like mine, you can just take in the seams later.
2. Putting the folded side at the top, pin down the two sides of your square and sew. Leave the bottom open. Then flip right side out. At this point, you can try it on your pillow to make sure it fits. If it is too big, just take in the sides a little bit more.  

 3. Using the gold metallic paint, paint a circle on your square, being careful to keep it centered.
 4. Now paint one straight line down the center.
5. Then paint the two diagonal lines on either side of your straight line. Remember that the paint is supposed to look rustic, so no need for the peace sign to look perfect.
 6. Using the gold metallic glitter paint add some swipes of it sporadically around the peace sign.
 7. Now write "Peace" beneath with the gold metallic paint.
8. Add the sequins using the fabric glue, placing them randomly around the peace sign. I found the easiest way was to lay the glue on the peace sign, then place the sequins on. This part does take some time. So be aware.

9. Now add a zipper to the bottom of the pillow.

 Its such a fun piece to add a little sparkle to your holiday decor collection.
 I'm loving it.

Peace my friends!
Come back Monday to see another PB inspired pillow!

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