Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mini Paper Ornaments

We have this little fake Christmas tree in our Christmas decorations that I have never done much with. Year after year, it usually just sits somewhere alone, naked..... and afraid. I decided this year I would pay some attention to the little guy. First things first. He needs some mini ornaments! Again, I'm trying to be as cheap as possible with all the new decorations I am making, so I wanted to use things I already had. I thought these paper ornaments were pretty freaking adorable. They do take time and patience, because they are tiny! But the end result is worth it. You can also make these a whole lot bigger and put them on your normal size Christmas tree. That will end in a lot less frustration (from tying uber tiny knots) let me tell you! Here is the how to.

You will need:
Decorative paper/ Scrapbook paper
Baker's twine in coordinating colors
Plain Glue
Patience (Its a virtue!)

1. Start by tracing little itty bitty circles onto the paper with pencil. I used the top of a medicine bottle for my tiny circle stencil. They were about 1 inch in diameter. Cut out the circles. You will need 5 circles for each ornament. If you want to make a bigger (non-mini) ornament, just trace bigger circles. 
 Recognize this paper?

2. Fold the circles in half with the front of the paper facing itself. 

3. Glue each half side of the circle (on the back side of the paper), to another half side of a circle, until you have one circle left.

4. Tie a small loop in a piece of bakers twine and lay in the center of the circles. 

5. Glue in the last circle over the top of the twine. Then finish the end of the twine with a knot. 

Then if you want to make more than one, keep going!

There. He's no longer naked. And he almost looks like he is smiling. Come back tomorrow to see the mini garland I made for him!

Don't forget to set out your shoes tonight for St. Nicholas to leave a treat. Tomorrow is Saint Nicholas day!

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