Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Golden Stars Garland

Sorry, it has been a few days. We got home from our Thanksgiving weekend and I dove straight into decking the halls! I literally had my husband pull the Christmas boxes down in the garage as soon as we got back from Hood River.....on his birthday. And I have been busy decorating and making things ever since. I seriously have barely sat down. Sometimes I wish I could have the house to myself for a few days so I can just get it done! (And listen to Christmas music instead of Little Einsteins) The kids are always neediest when they know you are busy. It drives me crazy!
I feel like every year, with every holiday, I unpack everything and notice the decor collection needs a little fluffing up. So I have lots of things I want to make just for decorations before Christmas comes. Let alone Christmas presents! And as usual, funds are limited, so they have to be cheap or free! Here is one of the projects I have been working on.

Golden Stars Garland
You will need:
Cardboard (just grabbed mine from the recycling)
Gold spray paint
Hole punch
White yarn or ribbon
Baker's twine (hard to find, but worth it once you have it because you can use it for many things!)

1. Start by tracing stars onto the cardboard. I used a wooden star shaped box as my stencil. For whatever reason, I have a hard time finding good stencils! Then cut out 10 stars.

2. Take the stars out to the garage and spray paint the backs and fronts gold. Let dry.

3. Poke a hole through the tops of each star.

4. Cut a length of white yarn the length you need it, then hang it where you want it leaving a little slack. Then tie each individual star onto the yarn with bakers twine. 

Done! You can customize the paint and yarn color to be whatever colors fit your holiday color scheme. Red, green, silver or gold. Or blue and silver if you celebrate Hanukkah! I am trying to get all my Christmas decorations to be whites, greens and golds eventually. I really like those colors together. And I like how simple and rustic they look. These stars would have actually looked really cute with some of that gold spray glitter. But I just used what I had.  

The lighting was pretty bad when I took these pictures. Sorry. Until I get a new computer with a photoshop editor, my photos are just gonna have to suck. Cest La Vie. But I think the garland turned out pretty cute!
I really like it because it's cheap, easy and still looks like nice. Not a bad "rustic" decoration!

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