Monday, December 16, 2013

Chalkboard Pillow

Phew! What a weekend. December seriously flies by with all of the Holiday parties and things to do. We had a really fun weekend though. We had two Christmas parties and we still managed to get a lot of our Christmas preparations done, which makes me happy! We got the girls their Christmas dresses and ordered Christmas cards and started (yep....only starting now) Christmas shopping. It was great. And now I feel like I only have a week left to get everything else done! Here I go! But first, I promised last week I would have another fun holiday pillow how to. So here it is. Faux Chalkboard Pillows.

You will need:
1 yard of black linen fabric (per pillow)
A black 18 inch zipper
Sewing materials
A white paint pen (with an angled tip)
A steady hand

1. For a 26X26 pillow insert, cut a 26X26 inch square of the black linen (folded).

2. Iron the fold so that it lays straight and flat.

3. Start writing your chalkboard design on the square. I just googled "Chalkboard writing Christmas" to find ideas. (Although the original inspiration was from a Pottery Barn pillow) This takes time, patience and a little humility, because you will make mistakes and once the paint is on the linen, it doesn't come off. Mine didn't turn out quite as perfect as I wanted, but its cute nonetheless.

4. Sew down the two sides inside out, then add your zipper. 

Pretty cute right! My "C" kinda looks like a "G", but oh well. At least its legible! There you go. Good luck! I'm off to work on Christmas presents!

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