Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Home Tour

Good morning!
Yesterday I showed you our front porch all decorated for Halloween and today I am going to take you inside the house for more Halloween decorations. You ready? Here we go.

I got really into white pumpkins this year. I just really love that they are neutral and can be kept around from early Fall to Thanksgiving. Plus, they just look elegant.

I don't know if anyone would notice (because I think for the most part, I tried to keep it out of pictures), but we took down the baby gate that had been on the stairs forever. My husband just asked the other day if we could take it down, since the girls were probably old enough to not need it anymore (they are 2 and 4) and I was like, "Oh yeah, I guess we DON'T need it anymore. I guess we don't need to be banging our shins on it every time we try to climb over." Still don't know how our dog Tank will do with the literal invisible fence, but we'll see. It's nice to have the gate gone anyway.

When you look up in our front entry you can see our ghostly greeters. Those little guys were so fun to make. You can find the tutorial for them here.

I kept this spot pretty clear, as on Halloween night it will have a giant bowl of candy plopped right in the middle. And it will keep having to be refilled over and over and over...

The family/TV room.

The mantle all decorated for Halloween. I am still absolutely infatuated with our new mirror. You can see more pictures of it here

The Silhouette Pillows I made last year. I still want to fix the Star Wars-esque cat one. Amateur!

Love Mr. Owl though. He's perfect. And so wise.

If anyone is wondering where our giant wine cork "S" is, it broke! It fell off the mantle one too many times and then finally split in half. My husband said he would try and fix it, but as there are loads of other honey-do's on the list, it has fallen away. But I made a quick gold "S" to replace it. Probably better because the wine cork one would have overwhelmed our new mirror. And we all know which would win that battle.

Still working on my vignettes. Getting a little better? Maybe?

Lil' pumpkinhead.

This was Princess's contribution to Halloween decorating (although, trust me, she wanted to do more. Mamma just wouldn't let her!). She put it together herself.

The kitchen.

This chalkboard sign has been so much fun. I used a chalk pen for this one and it looks so much cleaner than regular chalk. I just hope now I can get it off! It is supposed to "wipe off". If it doesn't I guess I will be stuck with a Halloween chalkboard! Goodie.

Our glorious Hood River apples. Each one is so big its like a meal in itself!

I started growing some Paperwhites in hopes to have some to decorate with for Christmas. We'll see! I have a kinda brownish-green thumb, so here's hoping. They look kinda like perfect for Halloween decorations right? No, I mean I totally meant to do that.

 One of our Stuffed Pumpkins from last year. It's a really easy kid's craft if you need an afternoon activity.

That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed our Halloween Home Tour!

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