Friday, February 14, 2014

My Own Love Story

Happy Valentine's Day!

Its finally here. The day of love. I hope everyone is gobbling up heart shaped candy and solving the mysteries that lay under that heart shaped chocolate box. Right at this moment, I am headed to Vail, Colorado with my honey, on our way to spend the weekend with some friends of ours. I was visiting the Free People Blog the other day, (looking for gift ideas for the hubby, no less) and I came across a tab they had labeled "Love Stories". It was pretty cute. They have a whole page dedicated to all kinds of different love stories in the month of February. So I thought I would share my own love story, on this special day of love.

June 2007
I had recently graduated from college and was living at home working as a nanny. My mom was trying hard to get me set up with someone. I was just trying to save enough money to escape to LA to live with my sister. My mom beat me to it. Her best friend is my husband's aunt. So they played matchmaker and asked us both if we would consider going on a date with the other. Pre-stalking on facebook was done on both sides and he emailed me to introduce himself and say that he was going to call to ask me out. I think we talked back and forth for a few days before he actually asked me out. He kept wanting to invite his friends along....the stinker. Finally the date was set and we were to have drinks, head to a client party of his (that he had forgotten about) and then if things were going well, to dinner. It was love at first sight. I was super nervous while we had drinks, but he made me feel comfortable. At his client's party we were laughing at how awkward it was and were surprised by how comfortable we felt with each other already. At dinner we couldn't stop talking until the restaurant closed and we had to leave. He drove me home.

Then Valentine's Day 2009 he proposed and we were married that same year in August. We will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this year and have been blessed with a happy marriage and two gorgeous girls. I hope that we can live to 100 so that we can spend that long together. I wish we could have met sooner so that we could have had longer to be together. He is perfect for me. He was created for me. He is my best friend. And I love him.

All my love to you and yours this Valentine's Day!

* Photos from our wonderful engagement, wedding and family photographers, Photo Elan. You can view their website here: Seattle Engagement Photographer! They are simply the best!

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