Thursday, February 13, 2014

Felt Love Letters

We celebrated Valentine's this evening with our girls because we will be out of town for the weekend. I'm a little sad about it..... I wanted to give my girls something special for Valentine's day this year. I usually just buy a card and stuff them with pink and red candy. But this year I wanted to make them something. Crazy right? So I thought I would make them a Valentine made out of felt, a felt love letter. Pinterest of course had lots of ideas. And this is what I came up with.

You will need:
Colored felt in reds, pinks and whites
Fabric glue
Embroidery thread in assorted colors
Large embroidery needle
A small amount of fluff

1. Start by drawing a stencil for the envelope. Google if you have trouble, but its not too hard. Test the paper and fold it to make sure it works ok.

2. Then using the stencil you just made, cut out an envelope out of felt, in the color of your choice.

3. Fold in the bottom and the sides and using your embroidery thread stitch around the bottom in an upside down "V". This will hold the envelope together.

4. If you want, sew a button on the envelope to keep it closed. But it can close just fine without. Then I just cut a little slit to go over the button.

5. Stitch on the "stamp" and then the "address". It helps if you write on the words with a black pen first so see where you need to stitch. It just makes the stitching a little nicer.

Done! These took me about 2 hours from start to finish for each one. A perfect nap time project.

 Then I added a little heart to go inside. All I did was stitch two hearts together and stuff a little fluff in. And if you are feeling guilty right about now for not making something for your kids....don't. My girls could have cared less about these. I tried to show Princess, "Look there's a HEART inside!" and all she cared about was the candy. I just can't win. I hope ONE day she will appreciate all I have done for her!

Happy V-Day!

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