Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Natural Wreath

Thought I would give you all a break from the pink hearts today with this great wreath I made. I was on a rare :) trip to Micheal's the other day, when I got inspired to make this wreath. I wanted it to be rustic and natural and really look like it was made by me. I love the look of all things natural. I'm sure you all have guessed that by now. It just popped into my head as something that sounded fun and just for me. I wanted it to be a wreath that could span a few seasons, so that if I ever don't have a holiday wreath up, it could be used to dress up the front door. It does have a heart on it, but the linen and natural colors makes it versatile.

You will need:
1 Grapevine wreath (these are so cheap! I was surprised)
Lacy ribbon
Assorted moss
Fake birds
Hot glue

1. Lace your lacy ribbon through the wreath and get it placed where you want. Attach with hot glue.

2. Start hot gluing the moss where you want it.

3. Continue with moss until it you achieve the look you are going for.

4. Optional: Tie on a fabric heart. I just whipped this one up, but I bet you could buy something similar. Clip on or tie on the birds. Sometimes they have a clip and sometimes they have little twisty ties. The clip ones are easier to take on and off, but the twisty ties are nice because they camouflage more. I think I may end up just taking the birds off. They don't go as nicely as I thought they would.


Our poor house is in such need of a paint job. Maybe this Summer you'll be seeing before and afters of our house! And no, I won't be DIY-ing that. No way!

I realized with this project just how much I love the look of moss. It reminds me of the forest and fairyland. I would happily put it all over my house. Sometimes I wish my house was a little cottage nestled in the middle of a mossy forest. Sigh.

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