Monday, April 6, 2015

Totes Adorbs Tote Bags

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!
Before we left on our trip, I wanted to find bags for the girls that could hold all of their things for the plane ride. They had to be big enough to hold coloring books, stickers, crayons, books, little toys, snacks, but still be light enough that the girl's could carry them on their own. I first ordered some cute rolling duffle bags which ended up being so big that I used those to pack all of their clothes and things. They are great bags, and I highly recommend them. The brand is Wildkin and can be found on Amazon. While those bags were great because the girl's can technically pull them themselves, I still needed something for them to carry their entertainment in. And it is hard to find kid's bags that aren't covered in Sofia the First or Pink! So I made these cute little custom tote bags.

You will need:
13.5X13.5 Canvas tote bag (found at craft stores)
Craft paint
Paint brushes
Alphabet stencils
Hot glue gun
14 inch zipper (If desired)

1. Stencil a saying of your choice onto the canvas tote using a stencil and light pencil. (It's hard to find pencils these days...does anyone use them anymore!?)

2. Then with a small paintbrush, paint in the letters. I did the last word in the sayings a different color to add a little interest.

3. Then if you want a little extra flair, you can make fabric rosettes (and you can see more how to create them in my Revamped Lamp tutorial) in coordinating colors. Hot glue them onto the bags.

 4. Optional. I also added a 14 inch zipper to the tops of the bags, so that none of the girl's stuff would slide out while we were on the plane or if the bags were dropped, etc.

And that's it! Ready for travel!

Have a great week everyone!

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