Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Kitchen Hutch

Good Morning! We leave for our trip tonight and I am busily packing and preparing, but I thought I would stop by really quick and show you our kitchen hutch all decorated for Easter. Here she is.... I really should think of a name for her. I love her.

I stuck a piece of fabric in this frame (it usually holds sheet music) to change out the look and make it a little lighter. Framing fabric is a great/cheap way to make art in your home and it's so easy to switch out when you get bored of it.

I saw a similar bunny basket like this in the Pottery Barn catalog and wanted it so bad. Luckily I found a way cheaper one at Micheal's and with a few alterations, I was able to make it look just like the PB one!

Isn't he cute!?

Since I don't have any real cloches, I did a makeshift one out of an old vase. Not quite the same, but it's the same effect. I'm pretty proud of the moss/nest configuration inside.

I placed one of the Flower Headbands I made for the girls on the soup tureen. So pretty!

This little white bunny I found is so cute! It looks like it's praying!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. We are headed out of town tonight, but I may have time to do some pre-posting, so come back for more while I'm gone!

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