Saturday, April 20, 2019

Easter Home Tour

Good morning! I got my Easter decorations up just in time! I don't know if any of you are like this, but for me, it's always a process when decorating for a holiday. I have to take everything out and decide if I still like it and it goes with our d├ęcor, then I have to think about where I want to put things. For some things, I just do the same thing year after year, but I do like to switch things up sometimes. And our home changes over time and so I feel like the decorations need to change with it. Anyway, all that said, it took me about 2 days to get our house decorated from start to finish. I kind of broke away from the usual neutrals that I always do and got really into the pastels and pinks. And me liking pink is a big deal! Come along and see.

 I kept it pretty simple on the table because we are headed out of town for Spring Break and I didn't want to have a bunch of fresh flowers go to waste. I thought this little pink plant is so cute!

You might notice a few changes from the last home tours I have done. We got our couch recovered. That is probably the biggest change. I got a little side table and lamp to kind of pull that side of the couch together. And then I finally got a faux fiddle leaf tree! Even though its faux, I love the life it brings to the room.

Can you spot the Asher? I actually didn't notice he was in the picture until I was editing the photo and when I brightened it up, there he was!

I made a few new pillow covers to go with our newly covered couch. I LOVE that print on the blue ones. I thought I would copycat the tassle/fringe trend and I love how they turned out with the pom poms on them. Makes me want to have all my pillows like that.

I wasn't really sure what to do with the mantle this year, so I pretty much just did what I had done last year, but added the gold and white egg garland. Simplicity is sometimes the best.

I did some rearranging of the shelves around our TV. That always takes me a few hours. I put things in, take them out. Try different things, take them out. A lot of trial and error. But its fun.

I scored these bone inlaid candle holders at a thrift store and I LOVE them. They are so cool. I was actually first looking at a pair of silver ones, but then these caught my eye. I love how different they are from most candle holders.

We got the girls a letterboard at Home Goods and we are having a lot of fun with it. The only thing I will say, is that I am not clever enough to think of a saying for every day. So it gets switched out maybe once a week. Scarlett likes to help with it though.

Those black barstools are new too! I got those from a thrift store as well and they were $6 each! Can you believe it!? They were red, though, so I had to paint them. But I really like the contrast they add to all the white in here and it is really nice to have a seat with a back.

I got this cute pastel wool garland at Michaels. Again, its so unlike me to do pinks or rainbow-y colors, but for whatever reason, this year I was into it.

This is our lazy cat decoration.

These "vintage" chocolate molds have to be my favorite Easter decoration that we have. They are just so classic and pretty.

I am trying to create a little coffee station here. I have been having the hardest time finding the right sized tray for all the little things. Does anyone know where to find like a half sized tray? This one I have, will do for now, but it is a little small. I can never start my day without coffee (well I can, but that won't be good for anyone) and I think little coffee stations are so fun.

Here in our entry is where I did the pink!!! I actually really love that pink pillow. I am almost wondering if I could put it in the master bedroom somewhere after Easter.

I borrowed a little stuffed animal bunny from the girls and it was quickly taken away after these pictures were taken. Isn't it funny how your kids will totally forget about a toy and then you reintroduce it to them and its like their favorite thing ever?

We will be here for Easter this year, so I was excited to decorate a table that we would actually eat at! Most years we are out of town, so I decorate the table, but it's just for show.

I love these bunny plates that I got at Michaels last year. They are just so sweet. I know they sold them again this year, so lookout next year if you are wanting some. Or go now and look for clearance ones! I got these simple pink striped napkins to go on the table as well. This soft pink is a great color for Easter, but it also works well for a Mother's Day Brunch.

I kept the table in here pretty simple as well. I just put a faux garland sprinkled with a few flowers and eggs. Then I put out my favorite chocolate bunny mold and a few candles and done!

The woven chargers are from IKEA and they are so perfect because I can use them for any holiday. They go with everything!

I did just a couple of Easter things over in our bar area. See if you can spot them.
I have been thinking about getting a cool glass cabinet to put in this spot. It would allow for more storage (our wine collection is getting pretty big) and also be a fun spot to style. Got to find the perfect one though.

That's all for today. Now I'm off to run errands and pack for 3 girls and myself! Hope you all have a blessed Easter!


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