Monday, September 22, 2014

Men's Shirt Turned Toddler Dress

Good morning! Its been awhile, I know. Its been a busy last few months for our family with weddings and wrapping up Summer and our oldest daughter starting school. That's right, Princess started Pre-K and we are so proud and happy for her! A picture of her first day:

She is soaking it up and loving every minute of it. It's amazing how she seemed to mature in just a week of being there. And I didn't cry! I feel like I should either pat myself on the back for that or feel like a bad mother! Anyway, it's been so fun. Meanwhile little Peanut and I have been lonely here at home! We hardly know what to do with ourselves without the Princess around. But that's good news for the blog, as I have tons of projects up my sleeves that I will be sharing with you in the upcoming weeks (now that I have all this "extra" time on my hands right?). Today, I wanted to show you something that you will probably recognize. How the Upcycled Men's Shirt / Toddler Dress is holding up, as it has recently been handed down to #2. That post was one of my very first and for some reason it seems to be one of the most popular posts on my blog. It's nice to know that it has lasted so long and gotten so much use! From Daddy, to Princess and now to Peanut. Who knew right? Here it is in all its glory!
 Ready, Set, Go!!!

 She's been making sure she gets the most out of it.

 A shot of the back.

That's all for today! Hope you are all having a wonderful start of Fall!


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