Thursday, July 17, 2014

Snow Flurry Garlands

The time has come! Princess's 4th birthday party is this weekend. We have been talking (and when I say we I mean Princess, who invites total strangers to her party) about this FROZEN birthday party for months. We saw it in theaters twice and what was that, back in December? So yeah, we have been dreaming up this FROZEN themed birthday party for about 6 months. I can't tell you how excited I am to have this party and all talk of Frozen behind us. Somehow I feel like this party isn't gonna help my case. ;) Anyway, this week I have been busy creating snow themed decorations and food and oh yeah....there's a life size Anna, Elsa and Olaf hiding in the closet. It's gonna be awesome though! I always get so excited to plan my daughter's parties and then the week of the party I am always like, "Is this too much? How did I get myself into this?". But then my maybe not so better judgement is always like, "Whatever! This is gonna be the best party EVER!" And then I just keep on going. The show must go on! I made these snowy garlands to hang in doorways and entrances to make the cold, snowy Frozen world a little more real for the party. Being July, its bound to be like 80 degrees. I love that they are a cheap and easy homemade decoration and they actually look kind of modern. These would be fun to make for Christmas as well. Here is the how to.

You will need:
A heavy duty needle
White thread
White pom poms in varying sizes (I also used regular cotton balls, but the pom poms worked better)
Scotch tape for hanging

1. Start by cutting a length of thread the length you want it to hang in the doorway. (I varied the lengths of each garland.) Tie a double knot on one side.

2. Thread the needle, then one at a time, start threading the pom poms on right through the center. No need to have a perfect pattern. The more variation the more real it looks. Snowflakes have no pattern! Be very careful as these garlands can tangle VERY easily. I suggest working on the floor, so that you can lay it out as you go.

3. When you have threaded as many as you want, make a loop at the top. Hang with scotch tape.

4. Repeat several more times to get a full, snowy look.


You'll see more of these snowy decorations and much more when I post about her party next week, so stay tuned!

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