Friday, April 18, 2014

Plastic Egg Garland

Easter is just around the corner! If you are looking for a quick, easy and cheap last minute decoration for Easter, you have come to the right place. This one costs $2! Or its free if you have tons of extra plastic eggs laying around the house. Which most of you probably do. And its a great activity for little ones. Princess liked picking which color I should put on next. And if she had it her way, the entire thing would have been pink. Luckily, I did some editing.

You will need:
A bag of plastic eggs (Just make sure they are the ones that have 2 holes in the top. Most do)
Baker's twine
A toothpick
Scotch tape

Step 1: String the eggs through the baker's twine through the two holes on one end of the egg. When I realized there was holes in them I was like, "Whhhaaaa?!" (almost like they were MADE for this project). Continue with the rest of the eggs in a pattern making it to desired length. If you are wondering about the toothpick, here's what its for. Some of the eggs holes were a little blocked up with plastic. They were $2 after all. So just poke the toothpick in there to clear it out so that you can get your twine through.

Step 2: Tape up with scotch tape in location of choice. It won't be very heavy, so scotch tape is all you will need.

And DONE! Told you it was easy! And so fun! Happy decorating!

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